The Nesting has begun!

The nesting period has well and truly begun in my house.

I am not sure what makes us women feel this way, but suddenly I am noticing every single mark on the wall, stain on the rug and grubby finger print on the door frame and it is really bugging me.

My lounge doesn’t feel homely since I have been childminding as the kids and their paraphernalia took over.  I am itching to decorate it, even though it hasn’t been that long since we last did it and I’d also love to replace our sofa, but it is less than 3 years old and apart from a few pulls, still in good condition.  I am going to have to console myself with a bucket of warm water and some Cif on the paintwork and maybe some new cushions to brighten the it up.

I love these striking cushions from

I don’t think I have ever been so clumsy as I have in this pregnancy either.

So far I have managed to knock glasses off the draining board, dropped plates / bowls on the kitchen floor and today I even knocked over my mug tree breaking all the mugs who were innocently hanging there waiting for me to make a cup of tea.  Even just opening a cupboard fills me with dread these days as I wonder what I am going to break next!

My clumsiness does have one perk though – it is a great excuse to update all my tableware, although I may wait until baby is actually here to ensure it stays safe and in one piece!

The one thing I am getting to replace is the bathroom suite, which is in desperate need of changing as we seem to spring a different leak every week.  I naively thought this would take a couple of days, but it is more likely that I will be without a bathroom for at least a week – no wonder hubby has agreed to work away whilst it is being done!

Now, I just need to make my mind up which tiles I want!

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