Going for a Spin

There is nothing more fun than getting outside and burning off some energy, but sometimes walking gets, well, just a bit boring.

Isaac has had a Toy Story scooter for a couple of years, but it is quite wide at the back as it has a small bubble machine on it, which means he struggles to propel himself along without catching his heels.

For his birthday we decided to get him a microscooter, but on the initial rides to school he failed to get the hang of it and half rode, half dragged it to school.  It was very a little frustating.

After a couple of frustrating days, I decided that there was only one thing for it – a long scooter run!

One of our favourite local destinations is Boscombe Chine Gardens, which has a lovely walk down to the beach with a clear run – perfect for learning to scoot and there is a fabulous cafe / restaurant at the beach which serves the most delicious hot chocolate and cake, any excuse!

And we were off………..

 Some of us were on foot, but others on wheels and the open run and clear paths got them moving.

By the time we got down to the beach and onto Boscombe Pier Isaac had the scooter mastered and started racing around with other children who were also chasing around on their scooters.

We also found some hardy souls braving the freezing weather to race their Zapcats – a real treat as it was quite choppy and they were bouncing off the waves.

After spending around an hour having fun on the pier, we treated ourselves to a Hot Chocolate before setting off back to the car.

Not before stopping at the water park for a bit of splashing good fun!

Boscombe Chine Gardens

And then racing back up the hill…….

Boscombe Chine Gardens
I am now pleased to report that not only has Isaac mastered his new scooter, he can now balance and glide with no problem.  We just need to master the brake next as he still uses his shoes!

Isaac scoots to school and back every day and Eliza rides her bike, which makes the journey much more fun and is great for Isaac’s fitness.  Eliza still gets pushed so it is great for ours too!

I just need to teach her to steer in a straight line now (or just let Daddy drive her)!!

I am taking part in the Mark Warner Family Holiday’s “Active Family” challenge where the winner could win a fabulous holiday and all entrants receieve a pair of Profeet Trainers! This is my entry for Week 1.

Why not share your outdoor activities and link with CoombeMill Country Kids too!

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13 thoughts on “Going for a Spin”

  1. Nice to see you spinning and getting out and about. A great idea to get him learning and seeing others as well must help! Boscombe sounds great with lots to do and my favourite is definitely the hot chocolate 🙂

  2. As you say a great way for the whole family to stay active. What a lovely walk/ride down to the beach and the water park looks great fun, thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  3. Fabulous, I love all the Chine gardens, not been through Boscombe, we spent a lot of time at Alum Chine on hols last year. Is that water feature in the Boscombe gardens? We will have to check it out this year if so. Mich x

  4. What brilliant pictures, I love the scooting along the pier shot, it’s like toddler quadrophenia with his union jack scooter!

  5. What a lovely post. And well done to Isaac on mastering the scooter. Working the brake always seems to take a bit longer though, doesn’t it?


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