Don’t You Dare!

Are you worried about your little man / little lady spending too much time indoors on electronic equipment?

Let me introduce you to the ULTIMATE book of FUN! 

Sharky and George

Massive games, little games, parties, card games, games at the beach, in the classroom, pranks, tricks, (and some really secret stuff too).

Jools Oliver, Paul McCartney, Ewan McGregor and Bear Grylls are just a few of the repeat clients to have Sharky & Georgeon speed dial, along with a swathe of oligarchs wanting to plan the mother of all shindigs for their offspring. And now the children’s event organisers du jour are bringing out their first book, Don’t You Dare (Egmont) available from 3rd June.

I am one of the first to get my hands on this compendium and the Sharky & George ethos of good honest fun is at the core of the book, which positively encourages adventure.  Chapters are divvied up into big games to play with lots of people, small games to play with a couple of friends at home, fun things to do woods and on the beach, classy games (to play in the classroom) plus pranks and facts dotted throughout the book. There’s also a secret chapter which I can’t talk about…

Sharky and George

Results from YouGov’s recent survey for Sainsbury’s found that most British children prefer traditional games to sitting in front of a computer*, something old school pals Sharky (aka Charlie Astor) and George (Whitefield) inherently understand, and a belief that underpins their company, which they set up in 2004.

When it came to planning Don’t You Dare, Sharky and George wanted to focus on that other crucial ingredient for a child’s happiness – minimal parental involvement to encourage maximum tomfoolery!  Nothing sharp, flammable or downright dangerous – just some imagination and a hearty dose of mischief. So any parent approaching the long summer holiday with trepidation should beg, borrow or steal a copy, which will captivate children for hours (even days) just as Sharky & George’s parties are famed for doing.

One of Kian’s favourite ideas so far is Photo-Trick-Ography, and I have to say I may be having a go at this too.

Sharky and George

I am really impressed with the quality of the book.  It is filled with clear instructions, funny photo’s and cartoons, stickers and lots of mischief making ideas.  There are activities that can be done indoors as well as outdoors, so it more than covers our great British weather.  Not so sure about encouraging a messy bedroom though, although unless I tidy it myself it is always somewhat messy anyway.  

I’d recommend this book from the age of 7 to adult – it is a little too detailed for Isaac (5), although with the help of his older brothers he is more than capable of joining in with the mischief and it is great for their imaginations as they can really build on the suggestions to make their own games (and rules).

Keep an eye on my blog – I shall (with the able assistance of the kids & hubby) be trying out suggestions from the book with photo’s of the results.

Sure, you may have a house full of flick books by the end of the holidays; you may have been tricked by your own child into handing over your last Rolo; and bathtime might now be all about capturing farts in a jam jar.  But it’s all in the name of imagination, creativity and good, honest fun!

You can win one of two copies on my blog here or if children want to get their hands on a signed copy, they can email on


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