Win One of Two Copies of “Don’t You Dare”

Fancy winning the Ultimate book of fun stuff to do for your kids?

Featuring massive games, little games, parties, card games, games at the beach, in the classroom, pranks, tricks, (and some really secret stuff too), let me introduce you to Sharky & George’s Don’t You Dare……….

Sharky & George

We loved this book in our house and it contains over 100 activities guaranteed to keep your mischief makers away from the computer or TV, whatever the weather.  You can read my review here.

Thanks to Sharky & George I have two copies to give away.

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    85 thoughts on “Win One of Two Copies of “Don’t You Dare””

    1. me and my sister are twins so the obvious prank used to be, pretending to be each other and fool people

      this book looks good!

    2. Whenever my parents were out I was to be found running down the length of the hall and somersaulting onto their bed. Breaking the legs once, and they still don’t know.

    3. I used to love the joke stand in the toyshop, I think lots of pocket money got spent there. There was some soap that had red stuff under the fake label that would make hands red mwahahaha. Oh and fake cigarettes of course!

    4. Knock-a-Door Run it use to make us laugh when people came to door and realised no-one was there,But thinking back now how annoying must we have been lol


    5. Oh, this is bad…..squirting water pistols through car windows in the summer from a gap in the hedge. One day a car stopped, reversed and shouted at us. Thought it was very funny until we got into trouble!!!

    6. I was terrible!!! I had a friend that looked sort of like me. We used to pretend we were the other one and sit down to dinner at eachothers houses. We thought we were fooling our parents but of course we weren’t! He he

    7. I would put refreshers in my brothers bottle of fizzy pop while he was sat next to me then i would jump up and wait for the explosion lol

    8. I once swapped the normal Imperial Leather soap in the bathroom from one I bought from a joke shop which made everything turn blue when you used it.
      Needless to say my mum went spare when she used it to wash her face with, she had the blue tinge of Smurfette for about three days!


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