A new bathroom

The day has finally arrived!

“What is happening?” – I hear you ask.

My bathroom is being replaced!!

It may not seem exciting in the grand scheme of things, but it is the last big thing that needs doing following the purchase of our “doer-upper” house a whole 8 years ago.  That’s not to say it is finished – it isn’t, but it has been causing issues for a while.

Our bathroom was beautiful when we moved in.  It was obviously an expensive suite, with a roll top bath, a shower, a high level toilet and an old fashioned sink.  All this was set on wrought iron gothic frames, which suited the last owner perfectly.  It was the one thing that didn’t need doing.

My bathroom still looks beautiful from afar, if a little messy.  However it is riddled with problems.

Firstly, there is no storage – you have to have storage of some description in a bathroom!
Secondly, a roll top bath is a serious no-no when you have toddlers.  When we moved in to our house Isaac and Eliza weren’t around so it wasn’t a problem, but with their arrival saw a whole new issue:
  1. Trying to retrieve toys thrown down the back and sides is nigh on impossible
  2. Cleaning down the back of the bath is also impossible
  3. Have you ever tried to stop a toddler splashing in the bath – we have tried but still end up with water running down into the kitchen below

Then there is wrought iron frames.  They are rusting and flaking and I have treated them, painted them etc to make it stop, but that doesn’t last.  I am forever sweeping up blacks flakes which constantly makes my bathroom look messy.  The tiles – beautiful from afar but show up every single water mark, splash and bit of limescale.  They need to be polished daily, but I nether have the time or inclination.

The shower has been bodge fixed several times, but it now leaks everytime we use it, so that has to go and we cannot match the tiles – hence a whole new suite!

We have chosen a sensible bathroom – a family bathroom.  I will miss my roll top bath, but it is impractical and although I did look into waterproofing the whole thing as if it were a wet room, it was just too much money.

My colour scheme is sensible, I have chosen a very pale grey tile with a mosaic feature for behind the bath and the middle of the shower.

So, whilst all this is being done, my next job is choosing the accessories and I have found a fabulous site for Debenhams promo codes.  I have my heart set on some big fluffy new towels with a co-ordinating bath mat set, as well as the little things like a toothbrush holder and cup (we currently use a jug).  I just need to decide what colour next!

This could be painful for a few days, but the outcome will be worth it – I cannot wait to show you my new bathroom!

** This is a commissioned post **

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