For those of you that read my blog, you will know that I am quite chirpy and pretty much just gets on with the things that life chucks my way, but this week I am having a wobble.

It started off with hubby being drafted to work away for 5 weeks – not ideal when I am heavily pregnant and he’s in Orpington, Kent, which is a good couple of hours drive on away a good day!

Then there is our bathroom.  The plumber was supposed to start on Wednesday and after promising to be here first thing in the morning, he rolled up a lunchtime, took a couple of tiles off the wall and announced he couldn’t start until Saturday.  Not the end of the world, I know, but mightily frustrating!

With hubby working away, I knew I had to find alternative arrangements for childcare for CybHer and asked my daughter.  Her work won’t allow her to swap her shift so now I cannot attend that either, which after selling my BritMums ticket because of the baby is doubly frustrating.

Today I was supposed to attend Mums Show Live, but my sugar levels have been really high in the last two weeks, so I had a hospital appointment.  The scan was fine – baby is on the large side and they are concerned about the amount of water I am carrying so I now have to see them weekly and may need to be put on even more medication which means even more needles.

The final straw was picking the tiles up for the bathroom – they take up pretty much all the space in the car and I can’t lift them out so now I can’t use the car at the weekend.

So feeling wobbly – yes that’s me at the moment and I apologise for my grumpier than usual tweets.

P.S…. If you know anyone who wants a ticket to Cybher, please send them my way….. I am willing to accept an offer.

5 thoughts on “Wobble”

  1. Oh K I wish I was in a position to babysit for you. and I could’ve popped over and lifted the tiles! message me on fb anytime and if next Thursday goes ok for me I will be in a better position to help you out xx

  2. Oh no Kara i am sorry to read this i know how it gets you down in pregnancy when its just one thing after another. Just take each day as it comes and take every offer of help that you can xxx


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