Active Playtime

For a whole month I am taking part in the Mark Warner Active Family challenge and this weeks challenge is “Active Playtime”.

It got me thinking about what “Active Playtime” is to us and although it does vary from week to week, here is some of the things we got up to this week.

The Park:

Our local park isn’t brilliant, but this one is just 10 minutes away in the car and it is fantastic with trails to follow, logs to balance on, giant hills to climb and the best curly wurly slide ever!!

Mark Warner Active Playtime

 Isaac loves the zipwire and I just had to film him as it can’t help but make you giggle along too!

The Farm:

Eliza insisted on going to the local farm on Monday and although we did wander around, see the animals and explore, we spent most of our time clambering around in the slide barn practicing her gross motor skills, or bouncing on the bouncy castle!

Mark Warner Active Family
Behind the House:

Although I do moan about the lack of equipment at our local park, it is right behind our house so we spotted a break in the clouds and made a dash for it before the rain came back!


On rainy days, sometimes you just don’t want to go outside – especially if you are like me with a big pregnant bump that you cannot get a coat done up over it.  I do moan about the amount of time my kids (especially the older ones) want to spend on the XBox, however, XBox Kinect and the Wii are fabulous for promoting exercise in some of their games.

Here are the boys enjoying a spot of boxing and basketball:

Mark Warner Active Family
Adventure Park:

Because of my job we are very lucky to have some season passes to some great activity places.  Although Adventure Wonderland has fun rides to go on, the kids much prefer bouncing on the trampolines and clambering up the giant inflatable slide.  (When I say kids, I include Daddy in that term).

Not so soft play:

We decided to try out a new play area this weekend which is based in central Bournemouth.  It is a totally natural wooden playframe set indoors for kids ages 3 – 12, with activities for smaller ones too.

They climbed the giant frame, whizzed down the slide, shot each other with the air cannons and threw giant balls and foam bricks around.  It was fantastic, the kids had a whale of a time and were absolutely exhausted by the time we came out!!

Mark Warner Active Family
The Garden:

If I really cannot face leaving the house, I simply open the door to the garden.  It may not look much, and needs some work but the kids love it – you can even bpunce on the trampoline with Mickey Mouse!

Mark Warner Active Family

Sometimes I worry that my kids aren’t active enough, but looking at this weeks photographs and knowing we also fit in swimming lessons and daily walks to and from school I needn’t worry too much at all!

 photo ActiveFamily150x150_zps28e829a4.jpg
  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

5 thoughts on “Active Playtime”

  1. I don’t think you have any need to worry whether you are an active family; the weeks events speak for themselves. I love the video of Isaac on the zip wire, his giggle is infectious – thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  2. Wow very active! A lot of options there. I got kind of tired just reading it all 🙂 that zip wire video is too cute!

  3. Wow what a great week you’ve had Kara. Some great photos and that video of Isaac giggling on the zip wire is great 🙂


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