A day to relax!

Today has been a good day.

I am not talking about my still non-existent bathroom, that is still causing pain and has bypassed the kitchen as the worse room ever to renovate in a house!!

Today was good because I actually got “me time”.

“What is that?” I hear you cry……..

I won a Spa voucher last year and never got round to using it, and then had a mild panic when I realised the local place that accepted it no longer existed.  Thankfully the company had just moved premises and although it was a bit of a trek to get there it was well worth it.

Anyway, I digress, I set off for the New forest and found my destination to be a 4* hotel called Balmer Lawn Hotel which was set amongst free roaming new forest ponies and their foals.

For two and a half hours I got to relax without having someone shouting “Mummy” or “Kara”.

I had a prescription facial which was heavenly – thankfully I didn’t fall asleep but I was close to it, especially during the head massage.

I then had a pedicure.  I find foot massage incredibly relaxing and it’s my idea of heaven, especially as they are suffering more than normal at the moment.  All I need now is some nice hot sunny weather so I can show off my newly painted sparkly toe nails!

I cannot wait to go back, as they are having some new treatment rooms built and will be offering all sorts of new treatments from July.

After I got home, with the bathroom saga still going on, hubby decided to take us out for dinner.  It was only Pizza Hut (I was out voted), but it was delicious and no clearing up afterwards!!

It did get me thinking though – I was so chilled by the time it had all finished that Doctors should provide it on prescription for us frazzled, busy mums.  I am not greedy, once every 6-8 weeks would be lovely!


2 thoughts on “A day to relax!”

  1. Once every 6-8 days would also be good LOL.

    Yes I agree it does us the WORLD of good.

    I recently had a hair cut and pedicure and was walking on clouds for days!

    Liska xx


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