Project 365 – Week 21

If you have been following my twitter timeline this week you will be well aware that I am having my bathroom replaced and it hasn’t been plain sailing at all – in fact it has been a nightmare and 7 days later I still do not have a working bathroom.  In fact my not so lovely husband is still away working and keeps sending me pictures of his freshly run bubbly bath in the mornings!

That hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about and here are some of our adventures from this week.

138.  Abbey’s boyfriend Paul seeing how fast he can push her on the roundabout (I was laughing so hard I thought my waters might break)
139.  Loved up Swans at Abbotsbury Swannery
140.  Eating a biscuit at Nanny’s house after a bath
141.  Sparkly toes after a pedicure and facial (it was heaven)
142.  Daddy treated us to a meal out………… with all you can eat Ice Cream!
143.  Bump Shot (34 weeks)
144.  The end is in sight – I have tiles and a bath!!
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9 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 21”

  1. love to see swans in pairs, seem so romantic somehow, love the pretty toes, though I must admit I hate having nail varnish on mine. Seems to be enjoying the ice cream

  2. what a nightmare about your bathroom. i would hate not to have mine up and running for so long and i am not heavily pregnant! still it does look like the end is in sight now
    those swans touching like that – their necks almost make a heart shape. xx


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