Tea for Two – BigJigs Style

We were very lucky to be sent two lots of toys to review from BigJigs Toys as part of their Play Patrol.  

Eliza got the Learn to Count set and you can read my review here and Isaac got Tea for Two!

BigJigs Toys

If I am honest, Isaac and Eliza most enjoyed playing each others toys, but both have been playing with these non-stop.

The Tea for Two set is a modern take on the traditional tea party and includes sandwiches with velcro fastenings so you can change the fillings, two cups, two cupcakes, two biscuits and of course two plates to put everything on.

Play Patrol

Both Eliza and Isaac enjoyed roll playing with this set and making sandwiches for lunch.  Isaac even found that if you put one of the cupcakes in the wooden cup, it makes it look like an ice cream sundae – Yum Yum!

The set is fantastic for building their confidence and encouraging sharing.  Making the sandwiches and fitting the food on the plates is great for their fine motor skills and Eliza has found that balancing everything on the plate can be a real challenge.

Photo Collage
Eliza got a wooden Kitchen for Christmas and we have been adding to it with BigJigs cutting vegetables and fruit.  This Tea for Two set is the perfect addition as now she can have a real Teddy Bears Picnic.

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