Takker Hangs Pictures, Mirrors & More in Seconds – Review

Say Goodbye To Hammer & Nails

Cracked walls, broken plaster, painful throbbing thumbs – hanging pictures with a hammer and nail can be fraught with hassle and mess, meaning that for many their pictures, prints and mirrors get left unhung, gathering dust until a DIY pro pays a visit. For those living with plasterboard, the hanging process can become a nightmare, with wall plugs and screws leaving difficult to fix, unsightly holes that impact deposits and create a dilemma when it comes to redecorating or moving home.

Now there is a solution! Introducing Takker – an interior innovation in the DIY space that looks set to change the way we hang at home for the better.
Takker is as simple as using a stapler. Instead of using the traditional hammer and nails, or mastering the art of using an electric drill, this device inserts, with the push of a plunger, a tiny but remarkably strong Takk into plasterboard, plaster, wooden surfaces and aerated concrete. The Takk is strong enough to hold a picture weighing up to an unbelievable 10kg.

Incredibly easy to use, simply mark a small cross on the wall with a pencil using the side of the Takker as a support. Line the Takker up for accurate positioning of the Takk. The plunger is pulled back and with a push of the hand the Takk is inserted.
Creator Damien McGrane – who won investment for the household innovation on TV show Irish Dragons Den, explains the science behind Takker that ensures it’s simplicity generates impressive results;

“Essentially physics are behind the strength and ease of Takker. When you hammer a nail in it takes a certain number of bangs from the hammer. But each subsequent bang from your hammer, if it is not 100 per cent true to the previous bang, more often than not makes the hole a little wider and the shock wave is actually loosening the wall’s grip on that nail.

By contrast, with Takker, the Takk is inserted at 90 degrees with the head of the Takk remaining flush against the wall surface. So when an object is hung on the Takk all the weight is transferred directly down against the wall.”

Equally easy to remove, simply pull the Takk out of the wall, using the device itself, and you’re left with a discreet hole that’s barely visible to the eye. No cracks, no mess, no need for polyfiller.A breath of fresh air for those tired of costly repairs and deposit deductions as a result of poor picture hanging technique.

The Takker comes preloaded with 12 Takks but is also supplied with a range of accessoriesfor hanging picture, prints and a whole host of household objects from dressing gowns to tea towels. With superb versatility, Takker opens up the options when it comes to hanging potential.

Takker costs £19.99 plus postage & packaging, but what did we think?

Hubby is in charge of hanging pictures at the moment, as I cannot be trusted with a ladder!

He didn’t believe it could be so easy and insisted on reading and re-reading the box several times before he attempted to use it.

His verdict – “So easy to use even you could do it” – (Yes, thanks dear) and the tack feels super strong and sturdy!  I am happy to report that our huge picture is still firmly on the wall.

You could try it out for yourselves for free too.  If you are willing to fill out their very short survey on DIY and leave your email address at the end you will be entered into the giveaway to win a Takker Picture Hanging Kit worth £19.99. 
The survey is accessible here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7PNKJYK and for more information, news and offers you can like their Facebook page here.
Takker will be selecting a winner in June and please be aware that you can only complete the survey once. 

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