Enjoying a Splash About

This week is my final week of the Mark Warner Active Family challenge.  So far we have completed Going for a Spin, which saw Isaac learning how to ride his new scooter, Active Playtime, where we had oodles of fun at the park and Getting Sporty, where we had lots of fun in the garden making up an obstacle course and playing mini golf.

This week is all about enjoying a splash about, and I have to admit this one was a challenge – mainly as most of the places we have been don’t allow photography!

All of my children have attended swimming lessons at some point as I feel swimming is a life skill that should be learned by all – especially as we live so close to the sea.

Kian (12) is now a very strong swimmer and glides through the water effortlessly, although his diving technique needs some work!

Isaac (5) lives up to our surname and is a little fish.  He has been swimming since he was a baby and thinks nothing of holding his breath and staying under water for as long as his body will allow, giving us all a mild panic attack in the process.

Mark Warner Family Holidays

His favourite part is jumping in and he has no fear at all!!

Mark Warner Family Holidays

Eliza (2) has just started swimming lessons with just the teacher and also loves it.  In fact she screams when it is time to get out.  We are currently working on her kicks and paddles and she loves nothing more than chasing a rubber duck around the pool, or running across a mat that’s floating and hurling herself into the water.

Splashdown Poole
It isn’t just about the swimming though – we have Bournemouth’s 7 miles of sandy beaches to explore too……. although I have to admit that we haven’t yet been brave enough to go for a paddle as the water is still freezing!

But we can watch and wait for the sunshine to arrive……..it will do sooner rather than later (I hope).

Callan and Kian are off for some water flume action today at Splashdown…….. another bonus of being able to swim!

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