Since 1953, Matchbox vehicles and playsets have inspired and helped create countless, thrilling adventures for boys all over the world.  From fire trucks to dinosaurs to police cars in pursuit, Matchbox has provided kids with six-decades of imaginative play.

To commemorate the brand’s 60 year anniversary, Matchbox has released a collectible die-cast line of 24 vehicles that harkens back to its roots to celebrate its birthday.  The assortment features some of the best-loved classic vehicle models, each of which comes with its own retro matchbox sized box!

Some of the quintessentially British assortment favourites include;

·         The Austin FX4 London Taxi

·         The Routemaster Double Decker Bus

·         The 64 Austin Mini Cooper

·         The Vintage Tractor

Matchbox fans can also view the 60th anniversary anthem video, which captures the spirit of the brand; unstoppable vehicles for heroic adventures at

“Since its launch, Matchbox has enabled kids to live out their own adventures with inspiration from the many community heroes they see and interact with every day,” said Wendy Hill, Director of Customer Marketing, Mattel. “Sixty years later, Matchbox continues to fuel the imagination of kids around the world through heroic vehicle play.”

Appealing to Dad’s, Grandad’s, boys and girls these can be kept as collectors items and are a great gift idea for Fathers Day, or in our case opened and played with as soon as they arrive.

These cars are beautifully detailed, well made and glide along the floor beautifully.

I love watching the kids playing with them, they sit and make up scenarios, build ramps or just drive round the track – it really is great for their imaginations.

I have very fond memories of playing cars with my dad, and I think it is one of those precious things between dad’s and their children.  Hubby certainly likes joining in with the fun, and apparently he is better at it than Mummy!

Matchbox 60th Anniversary

Whether you are buying as a collectors item, or buying for fun, Matchbox cars would make a fabulous Fathers Day gift that you can all enjoy – you could even hint that you’ve bought him a brand new car!!

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