Week 34 – Pregnancy Diary

It has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since my last update.

I had a wobble and absolutely everything seemed to get on top of me.  It is all very well people telling you to “Get a Grip” but I swear hormones make you twice as emotional as normal.

My brain has also turned to mush – I cannot remember why I have gone into a room, I misplace things and even forgot Eliza’s swimming lesson.  Baby brain has definitely kicked in – BIG TIME!!

Gestational Diabetes wise, my levels are all over the place.  Whatever I eat seems to affect me and even upping my insulin dose doesn’t appear to be enough.  The consultant was considering putting me on another insulin injection to be used overnight, but they are giving me another week to see if I can get it under control.

It has been suggested that, to aid absorption, that I inject half a dose in one hip and the other half a dose in the other – so far it seems to be helping, but we will wait and see.

My latest scan revealed that I still have a lot of amniotic fluid, but, it is within normal levels so they will continue to monitor me and I am now booked in to have a scan every week until baby arrives.  He is head down and bottom up – hence I can’t breathe properly and is maintaining a healthy growth rate despite being on the big side.

I have to admit I am struggling with hubby working away.  It is getting harder to clear up after the kids and my temper is definitely shorter, especially when they ignore my requests for assistance.  I am not sure if it is just the pregnancy hormones or the fact that we are living without a working bathroom – probably a little bit of both.

Still, the end is in sight and I am going to make the most of wobbling around and feel baby kick as I know I will miss it when he is here!

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