36 Weeks – Consultant Appointment

I detest having appointments towards the end of clinic, and today’s proved exactly why – over 2 hours of sitting around and waiting, which, with a boisterous toddler in tow is never fun!

Still, it wasn’t a bad appointment, despite the sonographer rolling me this way and that so she could get a decent measurement of baby and a good view of the blood flow through the umbilical cord (which did have me worried at one point).

Baby weighs approx 6lb 3oz now, so will be a good size when born and having managed my Gestational Diabetes much better thanks to a new regime in the last couple of weeks, his tummy is now within the acceptable range.

I am still carrying a lot of water, but again it is a the top of the acceptable range which is ok – I am dreading them breaking now though as there could be a tidal wave (hee hee)!!

My blood pressure is low, which is normal for me and I have actually lost 2kg – it must be all that travelling and eating at random times.

The dietitian is happy with my progress.  I have managed to get my glucose levels under control by giving myself two separate doses of Insulin to aid absorption, instead of one.  I still have to increase my dose though, which is now triple what it was at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I have been reassured that is completely normal.

The main thing is, they are happy with both baby’s and my progress.

Now I just need to cure the cramp that keeps waking me up at night!

I just need to organise myself now.  I have my bag and the baby bag to pack, as well as arranging babysitters etc…… we are nearly there!!

3 thoughts on “36 Weeks – Consultant Appointment”

  1. Very excited for you and glad that all is ok. You have done so well managing the GD. What an amazing mummy you are xx

  2. is it just me or does it drag after 20 weeks lol good luck with the rest of your pregnancy … we’re only 24 weeks !

  3. Wow 36 weeks already, that’s great news about baby’s weight. Hope you manage to get plenty of rest in over the next few weeks (I know much easier said than done!


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