Fun in the Sun!

What a change in the weather this week has brought!

We normally get out and about whatever the weather, but it is so much nicer when it is warm and sunny.

On Thursday it was Abbey’s birthday and she asked if we could go to Christchurch, feed the swans and play at the Quomps.  As it was so lovely I couldn’t say no, so after a brief stop in Bournemouth to buy her the snap back (its what they call a cap these days apparently), we headed to my Dad’s old house to park.

We were a little disappointed to see no ducklings or cygnets but there were plenty of ducks and swans to feed.  Abbey did do a runner though when one swan got a bit too impatient waiting for her to throw some bread!

Next up was the Quomps, which is situated on Christchurch Quay.  I used to play here when I was little but gone is the old paddling pool, to be replaced by a fabulous splash park – the kids (even the big ones) love it!


We didn’t realise at the time but a couple of friends were down there at the same time – how we missed them I don’t know, but it was soon time to leave and pick the older ones up from school – we did go home for some chocolate birthday cake!

I wanted to go out on Saturday to see the Falconry at Corfe Castle, but sadly I had to wait in for the plumber who finally arrived over 6 hours late – I was not impressed, so we went out today (Sunday) instead.

The kids were adamant they wanted to go to Adventure Wonderland, but when Farmer Palmers tweeted they were sheep shearing today, they changed their minds.


We watched some sheep being sheared, Farmer Palmer himself milking Susan the Cow and bottle fed a lamb, as well as seeing what else they had to offer.  Isaac was full of questions and took in all the answers and has been repeating them to me all the way home.

Farmer Palmers also has lots of play areas and today was the first time this year we were able to use the water activity area as it was warm and sunny.


Isaac and Eliza had great fun digging in the sand, pumping water and setting the sprinklers off, so much so that I had to drag them away for some lunch.

Still, at least there are other things to distract them!

Just another quiet week in the ChelseaMamma household then!

I am joining in with Country Kids by Coombe Mill – simply click the badge to see other great outdoor fun posts from this week.

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6 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun!”

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I love the look of the splash park. Great fun! And a snap back hey?! Who knew?! x

  2. The splash park looks fantastic, as does Farmer Palmers. Wow you have all been busy taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Thanks for coming over and sharing your lovely, fun outdoor pictures with Country Kids.

  3. Quiet indeed! We have been loving the sunshine! What a great splash park…we are missing one of those in Glasgow! Some lovely photo’s…I want a tutu now!


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