My New Bathroom – The Big Reveal!!

Finally, the day has come when I can say my bathroom is finished.

It has been a nightmare from beginning to end if I am honest.  The person we wanted to do it was busy and so recommended his former trainee with a promise of keeping an eye on him.  That sounded OK by us…………….until on the day he started he informed us we were not his only job and was “fitting us in” as a favour.

This would not have been a problem if we had more than one bathroom, but we only have one and a downstairs loo and it has been 3 weeks of hell!

Still, we had started now and had to get on with it.

The tiles were ripped off the wall and the old roll top bath had to be sawn in half to get it out of the bathroom and down the stairs.  I have to admit this was a very sad moment as I loved this bath – it just wasn’t practical with the kids.

The intention was to get the bath installed the same day, but we found the shop had sent the wrong size, so we had to re-order the correct size which would take 2 more days.  The plumber couldn’t get back for when it was delivered so I ended up taking the kids round to my my Mother in Law’s house for a bath.  Hubby was lucky he was working away and staying in a hotel and I frequently got messages and instagram pics of a nice bubbly bath – don’t worry – Revenge is best served cold!!

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It was a real challenge trying to keep the kids out of the bathroom as everything was so exciting.  We discovered the damage to the kitchen ceiling under the bath was caused by a leak – not them splashing (although that didn’t help the issue) and the right hand wall in the shower was so water damaged as the tiles were loose that we had to re-board it.

 The plumber did come back to put the bath in, although we couldn’t use it as it wasn’t sealed around the edges and that couldn’t be done until the tiler did his bit, which was delayed because of the issues with the bath – another couple of days wait, but he sped through the tiling as fast as he could.


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We hit another snag – I hadn’t allowed enough wastage in my calculations, so we were two boxes of tiles short.  The tiler was super helpful and finished everything he could so that the plumber could fit the toilet, basin, mirror and seal the bath as the tiles had to be ordered in and would take another week!  The mosaics looked good though!
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We could actually have a bath now though – although with no flooring and no panel we had to be very careful.  Trying to prevent kids splashing in the bath is physically impossible!!
I was hoping by now that our problems were over, but with our house that never seems to be the case.
The Plumber had absolutely no idea of timekeeping and would turn up hours after we were expecting him.  If he had been honest about what time he could be with us it would have been much easier, although just as frustrating.
Then there are the “Toilet Tales” – our house was built in the 1960’s so you would think that the fittings would be OK – not ours though……….no-one had seen anything like ours and it was a real pain to change over.
Once the toilet and sink were in, and the tiling finally finished, we could get the flooring done which really made the bathroom take shape.
Finished now?
Nope – the bath panel had to be put on, the lighting replaced and the mirror wired in, but the end was insight………..until we discovered the toilet was leaking.
Again the Plumber couldn’t get back to see us for a few days, so use of the toilet was banned. I have had such unsettled nights as I have had to get up with the kids if they need the loo to get them past the stair gate so they can use the toilet downstairs.
However, it has now been fixed – the bath panel is on and the electrician worked his magic yesterday on the hesated towel rail from Foster Heating so I can officially shout from the rooftops “MY BATHROOM IS FINISHED!”
We have gone from this:
To this:
and my surprise for hubby is this fabulous HIB mirror that not only lights up, but even connects to your phone by bluetooth and plays music through speakers at the side whilst you relax in the bath!
As you can see, my bathroom is much brighter and I have storage now too.  I am really pleased with it and cannot wait to have hubby home to man the kids whilst I have a relaxing bath – I think I more than deserve it!
Next project is to replace the kitchen ceiling……… I think I may move out for that one!

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  1. It’s lovely. Love the style of it. I was just telling my OH about your lovely new bathroom the other day. I was trying to explain to him what your beautiful tiling looks like, but now I can show him! Trying to badger him into getting a new bathroom downstairs!


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