An Interview with Alex Winters from Cbeebies!

Popular CBeebies presenter Alex Winters will be returning to LolliBop 2013 to host the Lolli Live stage –

Photo by Simon Jacobs
Photo by Simon Jacobs

I was lucky enough to interview Alex about his return to LolliBop, but my first question was purely for me!!

Hi Alex, I heard you once appeared in Dr Who…. What part did you play?

Hey Kara!  A returning mum to LolliBop, love it.  I am often asked that and the disappointing answer is that I was merely an extra, I had no speaking lines so you wouldn’t even know it was me.

What are you most looking forward to about LolliBop?

As the returning compere of the LolliBop Main Stage, I cannot wait to get on there and entertain the crowds.  The past two years have been so much fun and have made me laugh so much!!  This year I’ll be bringing new games, jokes, dances and daft fun so be prepared for more fun than ever!

What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?

Ooooh, tough question that as I remember being in love with so many.  Here goes… Mr Ben, Button Moon, Jamie & The Magic Torch and Blue Peter.  There are so many others I could mention too.  PLAYSCHOOL of course!

You’re a dad – and you bring your kids to Lolli – what’s your top tip?

My children LOVE coming to LolliBop.  They ask me and their mum “How long is it until Lollibop” for 11 months of the year!!!  My advice?  Prepare to let your hair down.  If you’ve got any!  Join in and have fun, you won’t regret it and your children will love you forever!

And just to prove Alex is the nicest man in showbiz – he spared time at LolliBop 2012 to have a laugh and a joke with Isaac and gave him big squeeze!

LolliBop 2012LolliBop 2012
LolliBop 2012
I am hoping that we get to meet Alex again this year, and this time Eliza isn’t too shy to have her photo taken too!!

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