Project 365 – Week 24

This week as flown by, despite me really slowing down the pace……..I cannot explain how tired I am.

I am pleased to tell you that my bathroom is 100% complete and I am so happy with it.  Next plan of action is the kitchen ceiling which has water damage from the leaky bathroom, but that can wait a couple of weeks as I have had enough of living in chaos.

So here are my favourite photo’s from this week:


161.  See-Saw Fun at Farmer Palmers
162.  Chasing after her brother on the way home from school
163.  Daddy’s home – he is under there somewhere
164.  Fighting over Daddy (again)
165.  Sssshhhh Mum – I am reading!
166.  A Snake at his School Assembly
167.  Brotherly help to hit the peg at Harry Paye Day on Poole Quay

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 24”

  1. your bathroom is finished????? yaaaaaaaaaay i am so pleased for you. thats been about 6 weeks hasnt it? i love how daddy is burried beneath his children and the ssssh i am reading your daughter just looks so cheeky and happy. cutest snake i have ever seen x x

  2. Hooray for you that the bathroom’s finished! Sometimes it’s nice to have a break before the next project starts though. There are a lovely collection of photos, I particularly like the one with Daddy being ambushed.

  3. Hooray for your bathroom!! Hope your kitchen goes even more smoothly and swiftly. Then it sounds like you’re ready for baby! 🙂


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