A Royal FairyTale – Kate & William

I have to admit I was a little shocked when the book “A Royal Fairytale – Kate & William” dropped through my door, with a cartoon pic on the front of Kate, William and a swaddled baby.  The poor couple haven’t even met their baby yet!!

Once Upon a Time in the United Kingdom, a handsome Prince named William fell in love with a beautiful girl called Kate.  They had the most amazing wedding and travelled to many faraway lands but this was nothing compared to their next adventure – the birth of a beautiful bouncing baby.

This is their magical story……….

The book is a twist on a classic fairytale, bringing the simple facts of William and Kate’s courtship to life for very young readers, with colourful and eye catching illustrations (although I don’t remember seeing any sheep at their wedding).

Little girls who dream of meeting their very own own Prince and becoming a Princess will love this story, although I did find it a little twee in places and didn’t like Kate being described as “terribly pretty”.

All in all this book is quite sweet, but I have to admit I wouldn’t buy it!

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