Moshi Monsters Beads & Melt and Mould

Moshi Monsters – love them or hate them there just seems to be no escaping them these days!

I was quietly gloating that Isaac has seemed to miss them completely and was quite happy with his Skylanders or Batman and nothing else……..but that has all changed.  His love of Skylanders and Batman has not diminished, but instead he now has TMNT and Moshi Monsters to add to his most wanted toy list, thanks to school.

I know that kids do chop and change their minds, often favouring one toy over all others for quite sometime until something else captures their eye, so here we are with Moshi Monsters well and truly added to the list.

I can see the appeal of MoshiMonsters online, although at this stage Isaac prefers the imagery and toys, so when we were offered some Moshi Monster goodies to review I accepted.

First up is Moshi Monsters Kitchen Melt and Mould where you can make amazing Moshling creations with your favourite Moshi characters. Have fun in the kitchen melting and moulding tasty treats for you and your friends. 

You can use the mould tray to make Ice Cubes, Jellies or even little Moshling chocolates and Isaac’s is desperate to use the Ice lolly moulds to create our very own Moshling lollies. I haven’t done this with him yet as we have to finish the lollies in the freezer first (I know, cruel mummy).

Even more exciting is the Moshi Beads – think Hama Beads in your favourite Monster characters!  Place the Moshi beads on the pegboard to create your Moshi Monsters character and ask Mum or Dad to iron to finish. You can make Luvli, Oddie, Scamp and Jeepers. Includes 1400 beads, peg board and design guide. 

The boys decided to make Oddie – apparently Isaac needed help, so Kian had to join in, although it was quite fiddly.  It certainly kept them quiet for at least half an hour, before I was summoned to iron it and set the beads.

It did take longer than I thought it would to set the beads and once it had cooled we did struggle to get it off the peg board.  We ended up using a butter knife to gently prise it off in the end, but as you can see, Isaac is very proud of his Oddie and it has been to bed with him every night and is still in one piece!

Moshi Monsters

Both items are suitable for ages 5 Years +, but the younger age range will need assistance.

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