Flying Like FlitterMouse by Jan Fearnley

The yellow teashop belonged to Etsuko hamster. She was full of kindness and made everyone welcome. Every day, Boz the Boatbuilder popped in for a pot of raspberry tea and a chat. They were best friends. One day, a mysterious stranger flew in to town. His name was Flittermouse. When Flittermouse swoops into Bottlenose Bay, he changes everybody’s lives for good …

When I first glanced through this book I thought it looked quite a long story, especially for Eliza 2.  It is certainly too difficult for Isaac to read at the moment, however, the story is lovely and kept them captivated from beginning to end.

Etsuko the Hamster longs to fly like Flittermouse and the story tells of how she tries, and fails, but eventually manages to fly by using a lot of determination and a little help from her friends.

Isaac adores the fold out map at the beginning of the book and loves identifying all the landmarks and even making up stories about each one.

Flying Like Flittermouse
The illustrations are colourful and appealing and really help tell the story of how Etsuko manages to fly.  The story is full of meaning and will help teach children not to give up and the value of friendship.

If you are looking for a book for the children to start reading themselves, then I would aim this at around age 6 – Year 1 and above

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