Language of today

If you have teens or Tweens you may have noticed that their language is getting more and more bizarre by the day – so much so I am starting to get confused!

In many ways I suppose that teenagers have always had their own language – normally a grunt and a mutter under their breath, but now I really struggle to understand their conversations.

Just how can something good be re-named as “Sic”? Sick in my eyes will always be something entirely unpleasant!

And why on earth do they physically say “Loll” or “L.O.L” when something is funny – what’s wrong with actually laughing?

And as for text messages from the teens – can I decipher the blasted things?  


“OK” has now become “k” or “kk”, the favourite and much used phrase of the month appears to be “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and the emoticons get more and more bizarre by the day!!

It isn’t just text messages though – my friend who teaches at college says that most teenagers write their essays in that form and have to be handed them back to be re-written in English!

Is there anything that your tween or teen says to you that just makes you wonder what on earth they are on about?

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  1. Aaagh! I am just starting to learn this stuff. My son recently taught me YOLO which seems to be an excuse to do stupid things!
    Thanks for submitting this for the Britmum teen and tween round-up and giving us all a laugh!


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