P&G Everyday Waste Savers Campaign & Giveaway

The P&G Everyday Waster Savers campaign is run by Ariel, Flash & Fairy and supported by leading sustainability experts the Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch and Waterwise, which aims to help households save hundreds of pounds each year, by sharing easy, innovative ways to do everyday things that also help us to be a bit greener too. 

You might remember Ariel’s ‘Turn to 30’ campaign – but did you know there are lots of ways to clean at lower temperatures in order to save energy and money? Mrs Moneypenny, the star of Channel 4 show Superscrimpers, has also joined them to help inspire people to save money by being a bit more environmentally friendly.

Figures show that every home can save an average of £100 off their annual energy bills and a further £50 off their water bills, just by doing a few simple things such as switching off at the plugs, turning down the thermostat and not filling the kettle up for one cuppa – significant savings at a time when we’re all watching our pennies. 

Furthermore, 24% of a household’s heating bill is from heating hot water, costing, on average, £150. Stats show that about a third of water usage is wasted – money down the drain every day.

Through this campaign P&G & Mrs Moneypenny are looking to inspire and enable people to contribute to a cleaner, greener future whilst also saving money. For example, the cleaning power of P&G brands, Ariel, Flash and Fairy, can save up to 30% on energy usage, which can add up to significant monetary savings:

·         By turning from 40° to 30° with Ariel
·         When using “Short Cycles” with Fairy Dishwashing tablets (50°/55° /Eco dishwasher cycles instead of intensive cycles)
·         When using cold 20° water instead of 40° hot water with Flash

Mrs Moneypenny, stars in a short video to help us all save cash – and P&G is also offering householders the chance to win £3,000 towards their annual energy and food shopping bills, in return for sharing their tips on how to save energy and water around the home. You can enter at www.pgeverydaysavings.com.

Top moneysaving tips:

·         Turn it off! Make sure you turn your appliances and devices off when you’re not using them. The average house could save between £50 and £90 a year just by remembering to turn things off when not in use and avoiding standby, if they don’t already do this.
·         Turn it down! Turning down your thermostat if it is set too high could save around £65 a year on heating bills and 260kg of carbon dioxide.
·         Set to 30°C – Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than high temperatures could save around £13 a year on energy bills and around 43kg of carbon dioxide. Set your washing machine to wash at 30°C.
·         Careful with the kettle – Don’t fill your kettle right up every time – just boil the amount of water you need. This could save you around £8 in energy bills a year.
·         Line Dry outside – With the summer officially here, you can look at drying your clothes outside on a line instead of using a tumble dryer. Doing this during the summer months could save an average £20 a year on your energy bill, and 65kg of carbon dioxide.

You could also win a hamper of P&G products on my blog, plus a £20 Waitrose voucher which coincides with an in-store promotion taking place right now. From June 19th to 16th July, P&G and Waitrose offer customers two Ariel Gel 24 wash packs for £8, two Flash multipurpose 1.3L liquid for £4, and two Ariel Liquitabs 20’s for £8.

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