Post Caesarian

Never ever, in a million years did I ever think I would have a Caesarian section. After 5 natural births it was the last thing on my mind, but baby being delivered safely is the most important thing.

I cannot fault the staff at Poole maternity Unit enough for their help, support, encouragement and advice after what was, quite frankly, a traumatic experience.
I have a new found respect for mothers who have had a Caesarian – it most certainly isn’t the easy option! In fact the whole thing is terrifying and recovery is so much worse than after delivering your baby naturally.
It has got me thinking though – why on earth would you volunteer to have a Caesarian if there was no medical need?
Firstly – it is major abdominal surgery! My stomach looks and feels like its been run over by a truck.  Not only is it painful, but it’s black, blue, green and purple!
Secondly, I can’t do anything!!! I overdid it just picking my son up from school!! If you read my blog or know me, then you know I am always on the go – going out, doing something and to be unable to even do a load of washing and hang it on the line is killing me!
Hubby only has two weeks off work, yet I am still expected to rest until my 6/8 week check.  How?
6 weeks without driving = My worst nightmare!

I am constantly worrying about what is normal – I have had light bleeding from the wound, if I get up awkwardly it gives me a stabbing pain and even laying down flat in bed hurts.  I currently stand and walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame as I cannot stand up straight, and it’s a nightmare not being able to pick Eliza up for a cuddle.

I am constantly paranoid one of the kids is going to jump on my tummy – there have been a couple of near misses so far and most of my clothes seem to rub.

The first 3 days were the worst and a combination of morphine, paracetamol and voltoral got me through, but then they send you home with nothing other than a recommendation for paracetamol and ibuprofen which is not enough.
Even my midwife was surprised that they’d not given me anything stronger so a phone call to the out of hours GP got some Voltoral to help me get by.  Her question “Have you opened your bowels” was met with laughter, and when that day finally came I can tell you it was not a pleasant experience and there may have been some swearing…….I am guessing taking the iron tablets hasn’t helped though and after a pregnancy avoiding the dreaded “P” word (rhymes with miles), they have arrived!
I am now on Day 8 and starting to feel more active, but I still can’t bend down too far and struggle to get out of a chair and the bed…….even changing Eliza’s nappy is almost impossible if she is lying down.  When I rest I feel OK and ready to face the world, but if I do too much, boy do I know about it!!If you think having a caesarian is an easy option, I can assure you it isn’t!!

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  1. Oh goodness I can’t imagine not being able to drive or pick up your baby for 6 weeks – that sounds impossible. And then there are other children to care for too! Hope it passes quickly for you and congratulations x

  2. ive had 2 emergency c-sections and they are never an easy option ….also the long term effects to Mum … my c-sections were 14 and 13 yrs ago and last year at 17 and half weeks pregnant i lost our baby as the placenta had attached to my c-section scar meaning it couldnt function properly , and baby died as a result , I had to be induced and deliver that baby … it wasnt picked up on any scans as the scar tissue had made the scans very difficult to see …. we’re now pregnant again 28 weeks , and ill have to have this one by elective c-section too but im hoping as its booked it might be a little easier lol xxx hpe you recovery well x

  3. I’m with you having endured an emergency c section myself; had planned on a natural water birth! glad mother and baby are okay. Congrats and speedy recovery:-)

  4. I don’t know about planned C Sections as mine was an emergency. I wasn’t in labour. It was a life or death situation and at that moment they could have hacked me open with a rusty penknife, I just wanted my baby to be ok.

    The pain after the Morphine started to wear off was, on a scale of 1-10, a good 9 1/2. Who am I kidding? It was a 10! It is a major operation. My eldest children were born naturally and all I had to deal with there was a bit of bruising and the odd stitch, as well as the emotional turmoil. This time, I was in agony. But time fogs the memory. I KNOW I was in a lot of pain and discomfort but my little boy is here.

    Every day, you will feel a little bit better and stronger. Before you know it, you’ll be back driving and the trauma of the Section will fade. Wear comfortable clothes (nothing with a tight waistband) and TAKE IT EASY! Accept every offer of help that you are given. Be kind to yourself and if you want a good old weep, do so. Just don’t put pressure on your tummy lol- gentle sobs should be ok. x

  5. Take lots of care of yourself, I ended up with a ventouse delivery after a ridiculously long induced labour and it was the threat of ‘push or we’re taking you for a C-Section’ that got me through it. Having said that, I was born by C-Section and I am eternally thankful that I was, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. So well done for getting through it and congratulations on a successful birth, however it was achieved!

  6. I think recovering from a caesarean must be even harder when you have other children too. Yes, they say you need 6 weeks to recover, but there’s no help after the paternity leave finishes, unless you are lucky to have family & friends close by & willing to help.

  7. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, and ask for help – you’ve got so much on your plate. I agree with you, I have no idea why anyone would choose a C-section as an option. I thought I’d end up with one last year with Baby C and the idea filled me with fear. In France it’s a minimum 7-10 day stay in hospital after one, that’s how major it is.

  8. well said! I’ve had two c-sections now, one planned because of bad hips and the other emergency and it really really is not easy. This time round I was in so much pain for a lot longer and even now 7 months down the line get twinges and am going for a pelvic xray just to check everything. I agree it isn’t an option I would take lightly! Hope you feel better now! x


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