Inch Blue Shoes – Review

I was first introduced to Inch Blue Shoes when Isaac was a baby.  I was so fed up of him losing his socks and someone recommended them to me as a kind shoe that would stay on his feet.

Inch blue are fun and adorable soft leather shoes which have been designed to give total comfort for growing feet.  They are not just for babies though, they make them for toddlers and children up to 6 years.

Shoe features

  • Supple non-slip suede soles ideal for tiled and wooden floors.
  • Soft breathable leather that protects and allows feet to grow naturally
  • Elasticated Ankles for ease of fit and ensures shoes really do stay on
  • Recommended for babies as the next best thing to bare feet
  • Loved by toddlers

Inch Blue shoes are recommended for indoor use or travelling in the car or buggy etc, so are perfect for use a nursery, especially if your child has to have an “outdoor pair” and an “indoor pair” of shoes like my local one.
They require very little care and will take on that “used leather” look as they mold to your baby’s foot – this is natural and shows that they are being well used and if shoes do become dirty simply clean with a damp cloth or with approved leather cleaner.

What I love about Inch Blue shoes is the range of designs.  They are super cute with something for everyone and are kind to little feet too.  Both Isaac and Eliza lived in their’s as babies and they are brilliant starter shoes for when they start to cruise and walk.

I was sent two pairs to review – one for Eliza and one for Sebastian.

Sebastian’s Bumblebee pair are age 0-6 months and are too big for him at the moment, but I cannot wait to try them out and they will be perfect for the autumn months when socks and shoes are a must have.

Bumble Bee

Eliza has been wearing hers around the house as the weather has been chilly and they are ideal as slippers.  She adores them and has to be persuaded to change them if we are going out and about.


They are also ideal for soft play!  Eliza is like me and hates wearing socks which normally end up being discarded somewhere in the play frame and then we spend ages searching for them.  Wearing Inch Blue shoes stops this happening, and fits in with the “no shoes” rule of the play area.

Much as I don’t want to wish the summer away, I have fallen in love with their Cwtches too – cute little sheepskin bootees which are perfect for keeping little toes warm in the winter!!

For more information, reviews and special offers, you can like Inch Blue on facebook and / or follow them on twitter at @inchblue.

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