LOGO – What Am I Review and Competition

LOGO – What Am I? is a child friendly version of Drumond Park’s popular Logo board game and is aimed at children aged 8 plus.

Drumond Park

Can you………

  • Guess it
  • Describe it
  • Draw it
The game comes with a playing board, draw it pad, 6 playing pieces, pencil, 250 cards, dice, instructions and a sand timer.

Drumond Park

The game is perfect entertainment for the summer holidays, whether you are staying at home or going away and can be played by 2 or more players.  Think you know the logo’s of your favourite brand…….think again as trying to describe it, draw it or guess it is harder than it looks!

To play, each player chooses their coloured playing piece and puts it on the “Go Space” and you start with a describe it question, which involves the cardholder describing all three brand / items on the card.  My boys were most frustrated that they couldn’t use phrases such as “Rhymes with”, “Sounds Like” and “Starts With”, which definitely makes the game more challenging and the timer goes much faster when you are desperately trying to describe your words.

Drumond Park

As you progress around the board, you will land on either “Describe it”, “Draw it” or “Guess it” rounds.  The Draw it round involves either drawing the item you are presented with, or it’s Logo if it is a brand.

“Guess it” uses the picture side of the card and other players have to identify the brand or item by asking questions that the player can answer with only “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”.

I have to admit it can be very frustrating trying to get the other players to understand what you are trying to tell them, but that is what makes it fun.  It is also a great way of exercising the brain and getting the kids (and adults) think outside the box and build their vocabulary.  The drawings however can be quite bizarre and a little artistic license needs to be used at times!

I recommend this as a fun family game, and with two potential winners everytime (even the player at the bottom of the pack can win) there have been no squabbles.

The lovely team at Drumond Park have given me a Logo – What Am I game to giveaway.

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