The Bedroom Juggle

You’d think after the bathroom issues that I’d be done with home improvements but sadly it’s one of those never ending jobs.

Now Sebastian has arrived we have to rethink our bedroom arrangements as although he will be in with us for the first couple of months, in reality we cannot fit a cot in our room.

The other issue is the cot – Eliza is currently in it but as her bed which means we will have to move her too.

We were given a digger bed for Isaac but he doesn’t like it for some unknown reason so it is currently in Eliza’s room as the spare bed for when Callan stays.  Although it is gorgeous and perfectly serviceable I want Eliza to have a girlie Princess Bed –  after all with four brothers she deserves something a bit girlie.

Isaac’s Digger Bed

Whilst hunting numerous websites I came across some cheap beds from T J Hughes. They have some great children’s beds, although the Princess carriage is perhaps a little big for her small bedroom and I love the idea of the Triple sleeper for the boys as it will give them a bit more floor space for toys (and their floordrobe).

T J Hughes

T J Hughes

I would love to have a cabin bed for some extra storage but at 2, she is too little at the moment so I can get away with the indulgent yet cute girlie bed (and some fairy lights).

Currently Kian and Isaac share a room, which works fairly well so the baby will be in with Eliza.  Her room was inherited from Isaac who had a jungle theme, so it does suit both genders although I have fallen in love with some woodland wall stickers and would love to make it more of a woodland theme with fairies on Eliza’s side of the room, 
I am, however, a little stuck with what to put on Sebastian’s side.

I have created Pinterest Kids Bedroom Board to carry all my ideas, and think the Fairy Door idea is brilliant – what little girl wouldn’t love their own fairy and a magical tiny door to allow them to visit.

Of course this will all have to wait until I am fully recovered as would also involve painting, relaying the flooring that was ripped up when we had our electrics done and of course money!

**This is a commissioned post**

4 thoughts on “The Bedroom Juggle”

  1. Love the Pinterest board! My youngest want’s a princess/fairy bedroom saving up the money to get it done but I have so many ideas which are going to cost a fortune….lol
    The fairy door is great!! My daughter would love that!!

  2. The digger bed is great! I want to get the Ikea Kura bed for my little boy when he grows out of his cotbed. If you google Ikea kura hacks you will see the most amazing things people have done with it for boys’ and girls’ rooms!
    Hannah x

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