Bigjigs Toys – Figure of 8 Train Set

There is something about a wooden train set that takes me right back to my childhood.  In fact, it must be an unwritten rule that every child should have a wooden train set.

As a Bigjigs PlayPatrol Agent, Isaac was sent the Figure of 8 Train set to review.

With 40 pieces it is fabulous value and super fast to build.   The traditional wooden train set has a smoothly sanded track which gently slide and slot together which makes it simple to build by both adults and children alike.  As it is solid wood it will stand the test of time unlike cheaper plastic versions. It is also compatible with all other leading wooden railway sets and can be easily expanded with more rail and roadway accessories – the options are endless and I am sure that Dad will have just as much fun with this as the children.

In the set you get 14 pieces of wooden track, 1 bridge, 1 train, 2 carriages, a guard van,  a police car, 2 cars, 4 trees, traffic lights, stop sign, 3 houses and 5 people.

The train set is great for interactive play and getting Isaac and Eliza to use their imaginations.  Their favourite part is getting the train to climb the bridge and whizz down the other side.  Isaac also enjoys taking it apart and putting it back together again.


My one grumble is that the wooden people are larger than the houses and cars / train, but the kids don’t seem to notice and send them off on various adventures.  Any smaller and they’d be more likely to get lost too.

I set up this set for them when Isaac finished school and it was lovely listening to their imaginary world, where they played quietly for over an hour…….. a worthwhile investment indeed!

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  1. We have been collecting wooden trains and track and managed to build a huge track the other day which the toddler loved until the baby crawled over and pulled it apart!


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