Breastfeeding three weeks in

The comedy boobs have gone now and my body and Sebastian appear to have got into a good supply and demand routine and he is putting on weight nicely.

On Monday Eliza snuggled in for a cuddle and knocked my right boob with her elbow – I nearly went through the ceiling and felt a searing pain, but it soon went again so I didn’t think anything of it until later that evening.

By about 7.30pm I had flu like symptons and was cold, shivering and in pain – I knew from experience that I had mastitis.  The boys complained that I switched the fans off and put a jumper on but I felt so cold whilst they were sweltering in the heat.

I had an early night and managed to get an emergency GP appointment for the morning, trying everything that is supposed to help in the meantime:

  • A warm shower and gently trying to massage the blockage (not easy when it hurts and is hot to touch)
  • Continue feeding as normal (through gritted teeth). I have a mildly cracked nipple too so double the pain, especially on the initial latch.
  • Expressed Milk using my new Medela Swing Breastpump (review to follow), to try and move the blockage.
I did draw the line at cabbage leaves in my bra though.

The GP diagnosed Mastitis straight away and explained it was more common in patients with diabetes as the body has to work harder to fight infections.  I was sent off with antibiotics and strict instructions to monitor my blood sugar levels again…….just when I thought I’d got away with it!

I have to admit I was willing the antibiotics to work as quickly as possible as feeding on that side was agony and thankfully after two days it is much easier, although the pain hasn’t gone entirely.  I still have the crack too, so am seriously considering buying a nipple shield to give it a chance to heal.

Mastitis is very unpleasant and if you are breastfeeding and have any of the symptoms I mention above, please get an appointment with your GP straight away as it is easily treatable!

5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding three weeks in”

  1. Ouch! I hope you’re ok.

    I went as far as cabbage leaves – and they really worked… although I constantly stank of cabbage…! Sexy.

  2. Hi Kara. That sounds painful! I used to get a blocked milk duct every other week, that painful enough, can’t imagine how awful Mastitis must be!! Hope it clears soon…. Big hugs
    Steph xxx


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