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If there is one toy that captures the boys imaginations it is Lego, and they were so excited to be chosen as Lego Ambassadors for 2013 – 2014.

Callan and Kian are both obsessed with LEGO Star Wars and normally get a set or two for birthday’s and Christmas, so you can imagine the excitement when we got a LEGO Mandalorian Speeder to review.

The Mandalorian Speeder has flick missiles and an elevating cannon and comes with a Darth Maul mini figure with mechanical legs.

Kian got to work straight away and it was built within about half an hour – he is definitely getting quicker at building these ships now, although the bigger ones still take time.

Lego StarWars
As you can see from his face, he is very pleased with his creation and it is now sat on his Star Wars shelf in his bedroom!

LEGO Starwars

You can now build your own intergalatic force with the new sets available, some available for younger LEGO Star Wars fans from age 5 now too, which include the Mandalorian Speeder and the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.

For the older Star Wars fan on a budget, why not try the Homing Spider Droid with articulated legs, a rotating head, elevating lower gun and a flick missile.

Kian, however, has his eye on the AT-TE which has a lifting handle, poseable legs, moving laser cannons and a top projectile cannon with 2 flick missiles.  Callan has gone bigger and is after the Republic Gunship!

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  1. Wow!! Lucky boys mine would absolutely LOVE these (that’s Dad and eldest toddler would be a bit small) 😉 xx


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