Post Caesarian – 4 weeks on

I cannot believe it’s been 4 weeks since Sebastian arrived – he really is a good baby and apart from Eliza sharing her cold is doing well.

Physically I am feeling much better and am getting out and about a bit more but still have to be careful not to do too much.  I attempted strapping Sebastian’s car seat into the car yesterday and over-stretched myself a little – ouch!
As for the scar, it is healing nicely although it really stings now. I am not sure if its because I have reduced my medication or the fact that its the natural healing process but it’s not particularly comfortable.  I have am also noticing  after pains a lot more when I am breastfeeding.
I have to say after such brilliant care in hospital that I am struggling a little bit now as have so many unanswered questions.
I was signed off by the midwife in a hurry, saw the Health Visitor the next day and that’s it – nothing until my 6 week check. I am aware that after 6 children I am an experienced mum, but this is my first Caesarian and I don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t in terms of recovery.
As for the rest of my health, I am currently sat in the pathology waiting room having my GTT done to see if my diabetes has gone. I have to say this is one of the things I dread as a new baby in a packed hospital waiting room and nowhere to feed them isn’t pleasant.


Emotionally I am a bit up and down but think its just tiredness kicking in. I seem to have a tag team of children awake at different times of the night, so am going to have to do some serious sleep training and very soon!

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