Holidays past and present

I have to admit I am slightly disappointed we have had our holiday already this year, but we did have a fantastic time and were very lucky with the weather back in April.

Our visit to Disneyland Paris was the first holiday we had had in 10 years, and funnily enough, this week was the 10th anniversary of our first trip to Disneyland Paris.

Kian, Callan, Hubby and Abbey

It got me thinking about how it had changed.

Kian, Eliza, Isaac and Hubby


The park itself looked very similar and many of the rides were the same – firm favourites
such as Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World had now been joined by Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Quest and The Tower of Terror – there was certainly a lot more to do in Walt Disney Studio’s.

The parades were just as magical although I have to admit I did miss the night time parade that was all illuminated by fairy lights 10 years ago.  The Disney Dreams night show more than made up for it though.

Whatever the differences, the kids adored their holidays. It’s difficult to compare hotels as we stayed in different ones, but both were comfortable with good facilities for the kids. Breakfast was definitely better this time though!

10 years on and he still cannot do it!


It is funny how similar the holidays were when I look back. Both times we succumbed to holiday illness.  On the first it was Callan and on the most recent it was Eliza.  Thankfully I think it was just down to a combination of tiredness and excitement and they both recovered after a couple of hours.  You do prepare for minor illness such as a sickness bug or a scraped knee, but I dread to think what would have happened if they had been seriously ill or I had gone into labour and we had to seek holiday compensation.

Sadly Abbey and Callan didn’t join us this time as had work / exams, but I am hoping that it won’t be 10 years until we go again and that the whole family is there to enjoy it next time. If you are visiting Disneyland Paris – you can find my hints and tips here.

Have fun!

Callan, Abbey and Kian 2003
Isaac, Kian and Eliza 2013

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  1. I’d love to go one day, everyone that goes seems to love it! I’ll have to check out your tips if we ever book it!


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