Miffy Beach Set Review

I feel a certain affinity with Miffy the Rabbit since I discovered we share the same birthday…..although she seems to be ageing far better than me!

Eliza adores Miffy and loves playing with the apps on the ipad, so she was over the moon to receive the Miffy Beach Set to review.

With a sand leveller rake, a sieve and a spade the only thing missing was a bucket!

The beach set is just the right size for toddlers and the lovely bright colours are easy to spot in the sand.  They fair equally well in the sand pit at home as they do on the beach.

We discovered the sieve is great for finding shells, the rake good for making tracks in the sand and the spade is good for burying mummy’s feet!

The beach set is really good quality and nice and sturdy, unlike cheap sets that often break after a couple of uses.  It is available to buy from the Miffy Shop directly.  My only grumble is there isn’t a bucket or Miffy shape scoop to complete the set.

If you are a fan of all things Miffy, you can also find them on Facebook and on twitter as @Miffy_UK.

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