A new car

I think I have finally made hubby accept we need a bigger car, although he still comes up with the argument that we can take the train / hire a car if we need to go far.

I have been researching options and have two main gripes………

1.  The cost……why do seven seater cars cost so much money.  Even a six year old car is still stupidly expensive!

2.  No boot space…..I do not think I have found one car that will fit a pram / buggy in it comfortably will all the seats up and in use.

I am very grateful we have two cars as up until October last year we only had one which mean’t I was restricted to using the bus and only going places that were on a bus route.  This mean’t that hubby’s days off were taken up by going shopping and other chores we needed the car for.

My step-dad upgraded his car back in October and was offered such a small amount for his Peugeot that he has loaned it to us rather than trade it in.

We bought our car from new after hubby wrote his previous one off 7 years ago when he worked nights and fell asleep at the wheel.  Admittedly it has done a lot of miles (just under 107,000) as hubby was an area manager in his last job, but I was staggered when looking up what me might get for it…….£1,000.  Is that all – for a 7 year old car!

It does make me wonder how people afford new cars.  Are we missing a trick and there is some magical funding we can get?

I have looked into hubby’s hiring a car idea too…….for what we need we are looking at £110 per day (plus deposit) and the train works out much the same depending how far we are going.

Any tips are very welcome, be it how to haggle to get the best deal, or which make and model to choose.  I have been looking a budget models, but even they seem to be completely out of reach.

My wish list however would be:

  • Room in the boot for a pram / buggy with all 7 seats up
  • Sliding rear doors as parking spaces aren’t made wide enough these days
  • Room for three car seats in the back
  • Economical to run
Oh and how to convince hubby it would be cheaper to buy a bigger car than take two or hire one if we want to go out!

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  1. My brother’s bandmate used to have a Mercedes Vito minibus and the whole band travelled in it plus a drumkit etc. It was fairly compact for a minibus and I think it was a 7 seater – something like that might be worth checking out if you haven’t already 🙂

  2. I’ve a Zafira 7-seater and can fit in a pram with all seats up. I traded in my 306 for £1000 and paid around £4000 for the car which was 4/5 yrs old. Much haggling and throwing in of freebies, but must admit had to draw down money from the mortgage to afford it!
    Annie x

  3. If you find the magical answer let me know, we need to buy either a Merc Viano or Hyundai I800 both would work for you, but they cost a small fortune, we currently can barely leave the house, Grayson needs his new car seat but that takes a seat and a half so not poss, at mo Grayson is in the front and I am can opened into the back, we can barely get buggy for 2 littles in with Graysons wheelchair.

    I keep hoping a large amount of money shall fall from the sky, other than that I am looking for a nice rich man to sleep with lol x

    • I just don’t understand how “normal” families afford these cars – can you not apply for mobility for Grayson – they accept claims once he is 3…..anything is worth a try xxx


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