Living with the Britax Affinity – Month 1

I cannot believe that Sebastian is a whole month old already, which also means we have been using his Britax Affinity pram for a month too and we still love it!

Setting the Britax Affinity up was very easy and it is a very striking pram.  I love all the positive comments we get about it.

We are currently using the carrycot on the Affinity, although the seat unit does have a newborn set that I have yet to try as it has been too hot to strap Sebastian in.

Blue Sky

So far the Affinity has been for a stroll along Boscombe Beach promenade.  We did stop and play on the sand, but like any pram/pushchair it had to be dragged to where we wanted to sit.  We have also been off road at the Blue Pool in Dorset where it coped very well with the forest terrain.  Sebastian was cool and comfortable and the suspension made the ride a lot smoother for him.

The Blue Pool
I am still getting used to having to use both hands to fold the frame after having the Britax B-Agile for some time, but the seat unit / carrycot are easy to remove and swap over and our Britax SHII car seat also fits on the frame, making it a perfect travel system.

The pram is super light to push and handles like a dream – even with one hand when trying to control a toddler too.  Hubby likes the fact he can easily adjust the handle to a height that is more comfortable for him as I am quite short and set it to a lower height.  The handle itself is leather look and I was worried it may make your hands hot and sweaty but it has been very comfortable even in this heat wave.

I do have a couple of grumbles though – the storage basket isn’t as large as that for the B-Dual or the B-Agile and the access is from the rear of the buggy only.  Because the basket has a raised top at the access point it is a struggle to get a bag of shopping in it – especially when I cannot bend as well due to a caesarian.

My other grumble is that the hood on the carrycot doesn’t extend forward like the one on the seat unit and is a bit of a pain to put up and down easily as you need to press in the buttons on both sides to adjust it.  Thankfully my snoozeshade fits which means Sebastian is out of the sunshine.

The Affinity is very flexible too as the seat unit and carrycot can be fitted both forward and rear facing.  Our pram has turned into a bit of a workhorse already with the kids loading it with all sorts of their paraphernalia including their scooters, but it has coped very well!

I am looking forward to getting Sebastian and his pram / pushchair out and about more as the summer holidays begin and will keep you posted on its performance!

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