Project 365 – Week 30

This week saw the start of the school holidays, with Kian off from the Monday and Isaac off from Wednesday.

We finally got to clinic to get Sebastian weighed and my little guzzler now weighs in at 9lb 7oz, not bad seeing as he dropped to 6lb after birth!

It has been a lovely quiet week, apart from my fridge freezer going wrong for the third time in three weeks, but we did go to Bournemouth Family Festival on Wednesday which was great fun.

202.  Kian wants this Helicopter chair for his birthday
203.  My youngest monkey’s
204.  Eliza chatting to Sebastian
205.  Isaac’s last day in Reception
206.  At Bournemouth Family Festival – would you trust them to put out a fire?
207.  Lining up cars on the windowsill
208.  2 of my superheroes!

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 30”

  1. I love the superhero’s photo and Eliza with her hands on her hips – diva style! That’s an impressive weight gain for Sebastian but he still looks so small in the photos.


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