Bucket List – Chelsea Stadium Tour

Over half of the UK has a ‘bucket-list’ of lifelong goals, whether it’s to row across the ocean or simply learn how to cook dinner for two without setting the kitchen on fire, but chasing them isn’t always so easy.

To better understand what powers the people of the UK to pursue their dreams, Duracell carried out a nationwide survey – discovering that only 4% of Brits have achieved their bucket-list goals.

·         The nation’s top 10 lifelong goals are ranked as follows:

1.      World Travel (30%)

2.      Live in a different country (12%)

3.      Learn another language (11%)

4.      Start their own business (10%)

5.      Take part in an adrenalin sport (8%)

6.      Run a marathon, duathlon or triathlon (6%)

7.      Learn to play a musical instrument (4%)

8.      Be an extra in a film (3%)

9.      Become famous (3%)

10.  Drive a race car (2%)

·       Now, I am not sure that I can help my boys with their dream of playing football at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea, however the lovely guys at Duracell have offered the next best thing…… a stadium tour!

Stadium Tour

       The guided tour of Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club is a fun informative and unforgettable experience.  We have done it before, but that was before Isaac was born and now he has been brainwashed  joined us in loving Chelsea it is time to go again – plus the Chelsea museum is open now too.  I am hoping that this time they let me have my photo taken in the changing room next to Lampard’s shirt.

     I cannot wait to tell you all about it, but in the meantime I shall leave you with the goals of Duracell ambassador James Cracknell:

He’s rowed The Atlantic, cycled across The Arctic, ran an ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert (not to mention winning two Olympic Gold Medals) – and now, endurance athlete James Cracknell has teamed up with Duracell, the longest lasting alkaline battery to help inspire and empower people to follow his lead and achieve their own lifelong goals.

Q:           Why did you want to take part in Duracell’s Power Me campaign?

J:                             Aside from using Duracell on many of the endurance adventure trips I’ve done in cameras, GPS and torches, the beauty of setting ourselves a goal is planning, training and learning along the way to ensure we achieve it.  Not forgetting to reward ourselves when we have!

Q:           What is your number one bucket list goal?

J:                             To do a long endurance trip with my eldest lad when he’s 20 or so.  Sadly that’ll mean I’ll be 50 which is an incentive for me to stay in shape so our boy actually wants to go on a trip like that with his ‘old man’.

Q:           What motivates you to pursue extreme challenges?

J:                             The motivation comes from seeing and exploring a place, an environment I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and there’s no better way of seeing somewhere new than under your own steam.

Q:           Who inspires you to pursue lifelong goals?

J:                             It’s not so much as who, but a habit I’ve got into.  When I was an Olympic athlete we used to work in four year cycles and so naturally had long term goals which required dedication so I’m used to setting, planning and building towards a goal.

Q:           Who/what do you rely on for support to achieve your goals?

J:                             You need a supportive family or partner and it helps if you explain not only exactly what you’re doing but why you’re doing it.  That and a group of mates to train with rather than always dragging you down the pub!

Q:           What has been your most difficult challenge to date? How did you overcome the obstacles?

J:             Probably rowing across the Atlantic.  It was the first challenge I’d done when I couldn’t see the finish line.  I had to learn how to break the challenge down into bite size chunks I could see an end to but were large enough to take something off the overall distance.  That and being able to live in the moment and realise that no matter how tough or boring it is there are worse things to be doing!

Q:           What three things could you not live without when you’re on an expedition/challenge?

J:                             A camera- to show friends and family where you were, what it was like and to remind you as well.  A torch – a powerful high luminescent one, it makes a huge difference in the evening.  GPS – it may make the tough old explorers turn in their grave but I like not only knowing where I’m going but how quickly I’m getting there!

Q:           What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

J:                             A question I’m often asked and I guess the inquisitor wants to know what I rank higher – the Olympics or some of the adventure endurance trips (South Pole, Atlantic, Amazon Jungle) I’ve been on. The reality is neither compare to the energy and satisfaction of raising and being with the family.

Q:           As a dad of three, what are the gadgets you can’t live without when you’re recharging with the family?

J:                             Hopefully it’s not a sign of number one son’s future but we bought him a metal detector for Christmas so he can search for metal (or treasure as we call it) on the beach in Devon and he’s got his dad’s slightly obsessive gene so he runs the battery down fairly quickly on that.

Q:           What are your top 5 tips to stay motivated when you’re trying to pursue a goal?


1.        Live in the present, stay positive and enjoy the journey not just the motivation.

2.        Reward yourself in training, there’s no point in living like a monk, you won’t stay motivated to commit to the training.

3.        Do a challenge or set yourself a goal with other people, it’s easier to keep motivated if others are going through the same ups and downs.  Especially as you’re never all going to be down at the same time!

4.        Choosing a goal that requires you to learn a new skill makes it easier as you can see progression all the time.

5.        Have a really strong rationale/reason for choosing that particular goal, that way you’re more likely to stick to it.

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