Swanage Carnival 2013

We loved Swanage Carnival last year but were a little disappointed that it clashed with the Mudeford Lifeboat Festival this year and had to make the tough decision about which to attend.

As I am not driving yet the decision came down to which one we could get to by public transport – Swanage it is and by open top bus!!

The kids got to sit upstairs whilst I manned the buggies and baby downstairs so they were under strict instructions to take photo’s of the journey as its very picturesque. Instead I got pictures of them pulling faces etc.

If you do decide to use the open top bus and there are a few of you, a group ticket is £18 – much cheaper than the individual price of £8 each but they don’t advertise it!!

The carnival itself was brilliant with beach buggies, motorbikes, floats, bands and dancers. The kids has fun waving their “tails” around and dancing to the music.  The floats were brilliant but it was the dancers and their spectacular costumes which really made the mile long parade.  

Photo Collage
After the carnival had finished we explored the stalls and entertainment area and the kids spent their money, by which time it had started to rain.

We had planned on waiting for the Red Arrows but decided to head back to the bus and watch them from Bournemouth………..we actually got to see them from on top of the open top bus – thanks to the queue of traffic waiting for the chain ferry.

The Red Arrows put on a spectacular display as always and I tried to get some good pictures, although none of my pictures are a patch on this one from Poole Sea Safari who were watching from the sea.

Poole Sea Safari
Photo by Poole Sea Safari
Red Arrows – Swanage Carnival 2013

We managed to watch the whole display before getting onboard the Chain Ferry and just managed to get downstairs before the rain really started.

We may not have been joining in, but we certainly got lots of fresh air and enjoyed some lovely scenery, hence I am linking this to Coombe Mills Country Kids linky and if you are visiting Bournemouth / Poole I can highly recommend an open top bus – it was brilliant!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

3 thoughts on “Swanage Carnival 2013”

  1. Kara what a wonderful day and I love the fact you went by open top bus. Made me giggle leaving the kids with the camera upstairs and finding just funny faces at the end, that is just what my children would have done too! Sounds like you are doing so well getting out and about with a new baby too and really giving the whole family a day to remember. Thank you for linking up.

  2. not sure I would have trusted mine upstairs on an open top bus, would have been scared one of them would have leant over the edge!!
    I love the Red Arrows, but not seen them in years.


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