Camp Bestival here we come!

I am so excited by the fact we are off to Camp Bestival tomorrow – hubby even managed to secure the day off work too!

Hubby has planned our route tonight in the hope that we avoid the traffic that has been reported over the last couple of days. The last couple of years he has been working in Weymouth over Camp Bestival weekend and has an ingenious map of back roads and shortcuts we can take to avoid the bulk of the traffic.  I will let you know if we are successful.
The other question is what do we wear?
Every weather forecast is different – some say rain, others say warm and dry.  As a festival novice I just don’t have a clue so plan to go as comfortable as possible and add layers if it gets a bit chilly but I don’t want to carry too much either.
We have decided to take the B-Dual buggy so two littlies can sit in it if need be but it’s not too wide that it won’t fit through small gaps.  It does mean that one will have to walk but I am sure with all the activities going on it shouldn’t be a problem.
My only concern is that we are taking two cars – I just hope we don’t get separated and I get lost or we can’t park close together!
I will endeavour to share some photos on Instagram tomorrow but the reception is notoriously bad, so apologies of I am quiet!
If you’re going, hopefully we will see you there!

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