Meeting Daisy (also known as Strawberry)

Our latest Bigjigs Play Patrol delivery is here and Eliza couldn’t be happier.

Meet Daisy (re-named as Strawberry as she has strawberries on her dress).

Eliza loved Daisy straight away.  She is 25cm tall, so the perfect size for a toddler, wears a lovely yellow dress with Strawberries around the neck and hem (hence the name Strawberry) and has lovely soft woollen hair which is perfect for stroking.  She is beautifully made to withstand everything a toddler will throw at her and has safety eyes too.


Eliza has hardly put Daisy down since she arrived and we have been having lots of adventures.

Daisy loves the swing………..

Daisy likes to spin…….

Daisy even likes big brothers (as long as they are not too close)……..

We have also discovered that Daisy likes shopping and insisted on adding chocolate to the trolley to apparently help Eliza with potty training – not sure it quite worked though!



Best of all – Daisy loves cuddles!


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