When you have teens…..

  • Your hidden treat stash will be no longer be a secret…..they can sniff out chocolate at 10 paces!
  • Empty food packages will be put back in cupboards / fridge so you don’t replace it…….and then they moan that there is nothing to eat and fruit is NOT an acceptable alternative
  • Getting out the house for a certain time is  impossible – you can’t get them out of bed!
  • “In a minute” becomes a frequent comment when you ask them to do anything and you’ll still be waiting in an hour!
  • Their room has a musty teenage smell and they have to be constantly reminded to shower / brush teeth / apply deodorant
  • Trips to the park and outdoor play are replaced by wanting to stay at home and play with their friends “online”
  • Shouts of “I HATE you” and “You treat me differently to x, y and z” are common place
  • Empty crisp packets / sweet wrappers will be found under beds or stuffed down the side of the sofa
  • The TV will miraculously change channel to whatever they want to watch regardless of what you or their siblings are watching
  • Apparently the washing up fairy does exist so they leave dirty cups and plates dotted around the house for the fairy to “find”
  • It is nigh on impossible to have a sensible conversation (or one in English)
  • Text messages need a special decipher code but must be answered immediately or else
  • Requests for money are made about 5 minutes before they need them and you have no change!
  • Clothes from supermarkets / Primark are no longer acceptable attire
  • Clean washing is put back in the laundry bin because they can’t be bothered to put it away
  • You cannot see an inch of carpet in their room as its now being used as a floordrobe
  • Expect to play taxi to them and their friends at any given time – day or night!!
  • Don’t expect to see them anytime before midday despite efforts to wake them up!
Have a missed anything – what would you add to this list?

3 thoughts on “When you have teens…..”

  1. Hehe this reminds me of me, I was a terrible teen. I used to stomp about as soon ask mum asked me to do something, saying it was really unfair! 🙂

  2. Brilliant list, made me laugh! Some of this is already familiar to me with my tweens, but I see it’s going to get a whole lot worse!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Ha ha this made me laugh! Most of it has been going on in my house fr a year or so now (my eldest has only just turned 13!). The putting clean laundry into bin drives me crazy!


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