The problem of clothes post caesarian

Sales – love them or hate them you always feel good if you manage to grab a bargain.

I am not very patient with the whole rummaging concept.  It is easier when you have no kids in tow, which just doesn’t happen these days so I tend not to bother theses days.

Last week was different.  I have still been wearing my maternity clothes as although I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, I cannot wear my normal clothes as they are either too tight or rub against my caesarian scar which is still tender and sore, so I decided I would treat myself to a few key items from the summer sales.

What was I thinking……..the shops were heaving, women were literally barging each other out of the way to get to the bargains and pretty much everything on the sale rail was either a size 8 or a size 18+ with nothing in between.

I did manage to pick up a pair of linen trousers and a skirt, both which sadly either didn’t fit or managed to make me look an even odder shape that I am anyway.  I did get a really lovely chiffon type shirt that I can wear a nursing vest under, which gives me a nice silouhette.

What I really wanted though was a flowing maxi dress that would keep me cool and take me from day to evening with just the addition of a few accessories, plus it had to be suitable for me to wear whilst breastfeeding.  This turned out to be an impossible task.  I do have a couple of breastfeeding maxi dresses which I love, but they are not an easy thing to find and come up very quite expensive.

This leaves me back to square one.  I am keen to ditch the maternity clothes, find trousers that don’t rub, skirts that don’t make me look a bizarre shape and a bright and colourful maxi dress – what do you suggest.

In the meantime I need to save some more pennies to be able to do this as I do what us Mum’s seem to end up doing when shopping for ourselves………spend it on the kids!!

Isaac and Kian got some new superhero T-Shirts, Sebastian got the cutest Mickey Mouse Romper and Eliza a Princess Sofia doll for earning her stickers for good sleeping.

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