Little Bird Told Me Multi Activity Playgym

I was sent the Little Bird Told Me Actvity Gym to review and I have to say I was immediately impressed.

It arrived in an Eco friendly box that was not only stylish but practical too, and it packs away nicely in said box to be stored if space is a premium in your home.


The gym takes a minute to fasten together and I would recommend that you put it up without babe in arms (although I did manage to do it with but it was tricky).  The mat simply lays on the floor and the bars attach underneath each corner to create an arch where you hang the toys.

The mat is beautifully soft, tactile and well padded – perfect for wooden or laminate floors which can be cold – especially in the winter. I’d be happy that baby was warm and comfortable.  It also features a squeaker, a rustly noise patch, a strip of taggies and different tactile materials which is perfect for tummy time as baby gets older.

The arches have room for the 4 detachable toys provided, which can be attached at different positions both high and low on the arches.  These are also beautifully soft to touch and feature a Birdie Bear music pull toy and safety mirror, a rattle and crinkles as well as a flexible teething ring on each.  Because they are detachable they can also be used on the car seat, pram and cot sides too.

Sebastian was very comfy on this Actvity mat and happily laid playing for some time.  Both Isaac and Eliza enjoyed showing him what the toys did and squeaking the squeaker in one of the teddies ears.

One of my favourite features of the mat is a curved cushion (a bit like a breastfeeding pillow) that comes with it.  Perfect for neck support, as they get a bit bigger and then for tummy time as they get older.

This mat is fully washable in case of any accidents too and best of all contains no batteries.  

The Little Bird Told Me range of toys are traditional and simply beautiful.  Designed to capture children’s imagination, they are colourful and tactile and interactive.

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