Project 365 – Week 33

I can honestly say that I am shattered this week and so are the kids.  It isn’t going to be any quieter this week either as a certain young man turns 13 on Tuesday and hubby is on holiday so we will be making the most of time together.  At least I will have another pair of hands to help.

This week we have been to a Fairy Festival, a 999 Festival, the beach (twice), crazy golf – which was a big hit, Peppa Pig World and LolliBop and here are a few pictures……
222.  Enjoying the Fairy Festival at Blue Pool
223.  Paddling in the sea
224.  Getting some help from Daddy at Crazy Golf
225.  Fun at the Park
226.  Exploring Peppa Pig World
227.  Looking at the birds in the Aviary in Bournemouth Gardens
228.  Meeting TheBoy and Alex Winters

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 33”

  1. check your boy out also meeting the lovely Mr Winters with The Boy! it was lovely to finally meet you last week at PPW – your children are just as i imagined they would be form this blog.
    i think after next week you will need a break! good going and well done you x x

  2. Busy week! We’re exhausted too and I’m hoping it might get quieter but probably not!! You definitely deserve a good break!

  3. what a great week, keeps the children occupied,and I recognise The Boy with his hat on in your picture.
    Crazy golf is exactly that with toddlers, but fun all the same


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