Happy 13th Birthday to my Chunky Monkey

13 years ago today I gave birth to son number 2, affectionately known as Chunky Monkey because:

a) He was my biggest baby
b) Daddy had pregnancy cravings for Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream!

Until Sebastian, he was my longest and most difficult labour but also one of the most memorable thanks to watching Rush Hour at stupid o’clock in the morning whilst timing contractions and then Daddy dragging me to a charity football match that he had supposed to be playing in.  It was directly opposite the Maternity hospital and I had been told to go for a walk, but my time as a spectator didn’t last very long!!

 At 15:52 on 20th August 2000 Kian Andrew William arrived…….

weighing in at a bouncing 9lb 1oz!

Sporting a gorgeous mop of thick black hair!

Now we have another stroppy teenager in the house!

Happy Birthday Kian!!

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