Like many parents around the country my nerves are starting to set in as its GCSE results day tomorrow.

Callan on the other hand seems really relaxed about the whole thing and is more concerned about the money he will get if he passes them all.
Both his Dad and I gave him an incentive to really knuckle down and study after a poor report last year, which he did.  I am not worried about Systems, DT and Art – those subjects he enjoys and excels at.  Even Maths he can do – he just doesn’t always apply himself.  English is the subject he struggles with and at the end of year ten he was not expected to pass.
Although exams do carry some importance they are not the be all and end all. I did well in mine but I don’t have a fantastic job earning me lots money.  Both Callan’s dad and my husband didn’t do well and both are successful in their chosen fields – I think you always excel in the field you enjoy working in.
Whatever happens I know Callan is all set to continue his studies in engineering, but it remains to be seen whether he takes the systems route or follows mechanics like his dad.
Whatever happens tomorrow I know Callan pulled his finger out when it mattered and has done his best!
Good Luck to all getting results tomorrow!

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