Mask and Ask Review and Competition

Do you remember playing “Who Am I” as a child (or even as an ice breaker at work) with a sticky note on your forehead with someone /something written on it that you had to guess?

Drumond Park have built on this game and have just launched the brand new Mask ‘n’ Ask (rrp £16.99, age 7+, for 2-4 players).

Inside the box, children will find thirty top quality double-sided masks with beautifully designed, colourful animal faces on one side, and jokey-looking human characters on the other.  That’s a total of sixty different masks to choose from – amazing game play value! 

The caricature faces on the masks are great, with loads of hilarious designs. On the animal side, for instance, kids might find a Badger, Crab, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Gorilla, Lion, Ostrich, Penguin, Pig or Sheep.  

Drumond Park

And on the human side, the mask may represent a Clown, Fireman, Nurse, Policeman, Princess, Sailor or Wizard… or Dracula, Little Red Riding Hood, Old Mother Hubbard or Queen Victoria.  Some masks are so endearing that you’ll find the kids are loathe to take them off – and will continue to wear them around the house once a game is over!  They love to see their parents wearing them, too – and can’t wait to get the grown-ups sucked into the action!
Drumond Park
As the game board is also double-sided, so before they begin, the children decide whether they’re going to play the game as animal or human characters.  

Each player chooses a pair of red, yellow, green or blue glasses, takes a mask without looking at the picture on the other side, and clips it onto their glasses.   Now the fun begins in earnest.  Each player has a turn at spinning the spinner – and then asks the other players the question printed on the board, on which his or her playing piece has landed.  For human characters, this might be “Do I wear a helmet in my job?”, “Do I have glasses?” or “Do I fly about a lot?”, and for animals it could be “Do I have stripes, spots or a pattern?”, “Do I live in the wild in Britain?” or “Do I have six or more legs?” and so on.  
Players are given a set of colour-matched double-sided ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Answer Reminder Tokens.  When a player lands on a Question space, the pre-planned question makes life even simpler, allowing him or her to enjoy the game play without the stress of having to think up a series of questions themselves, in order to work out who they are. Once the question is answered by the others, the player places a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ token on the relevant space to help remember the answer. This strategy gives children the confidence to express themselves more clearly, and helps them learn to think things through. And if they’re not entirely sure of the answer, Drumond Park has thoughtfully provided a handy Correct Answer Chart – so there’s no room for uncertainty.

When a player correctly guesses his or her identity, they choose a new mask from the pile – and the first person to guess three masks correctly is the winner!

We were sent this game to review and love it.  Even Isaac (5) can manage to play it with little assistance.  We have adapted it for Eliza (2) so she can join in too – we give her the animal mask and do impressions / noises so she has to guess what she is.
Mask and Ask is the perfect game to take on holiday or to get out at family get togethers but be warned – it does get very loud!  The Masks are a nice thick cardboard so will really stand the test of time, but the glasses are quite large and even I struggled to keep them on as they weren’t very secure.

Drumond Park
Eliza cheating whilst her brothers aren’t looking
Drumond Park have kindly given me a Mask and Ask game to giveaway to my readers.

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