A Very Big Night In

£750 to spend on a night in!!

When I saw the competition on LittleStuff blog in conjunction with Two Little Fleas, I knew I had to join in – who doesn’t love a bit of make believe – So what would I spend that sort of money on?

Firstly a private chef!

I mean who wants to cook when they do it every other day of the week.  A lovely steak meal and then a glorious Toffee Apple and Honeycomb cheescake just like this one we had at The Print Room back in February.  

The Print Room

The Print Room

 I’m not sure the littlies would like that so maybe a special of homemade Lasagne and some “Dalek bread” as they call it, with a ginormous knickerbockerglory for dessert.

This isn’t big enough Mum

Entertainers for the kids – not just any old entertainer though.  It would have to be their CBeebies favourites who would bring along lots of fun things for them to do, and maybe a custard pie or two!

Alex Winters


Andy Day

Dick n Dom
Sid Sloane

The most expensive thing on my list would be a snow machine for the garden.  You might think I’m mad, but we rarely get snow in sunny Bournemouth and if we do its never enough to build a really good snowman!

Once we were full from dinner we would go outside to play in the snow filled garden which has been decorated with hundreds of twinkling fairy lights .  We would have a large igloo to run in and out off surrounded by snowmen and a snowdog just like in the film, followed by a snowball fight which Dick ‘n’ Dom would probably win!

Finally, after we have had enough of the snow we would snuggle up around a log fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows – what an evening that would be!!

Urban Reef


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