School Run Mum

Why is it that as soon school is back the summer suddenly disappears in an instant.  This year it’s as if the powers that be have suddenly flipped the switch and the beautiful sunshine and the heat has just vanished and been replaced by a definite chill in the air and rain.

The first day back at school I was wearing my fitflops and a t-shirt – less than a week on and am I have been foreced to swap my outfit for my waterproof coat, jeans and wet feet as I stupidly threw out all my old boots back in the springtime as they had seen better days.

In Wellies Already

I have been looking at other “School Run Mums” for inspiration and have found there are a few different types:

  • Uniform Mum – dropping the kids off and heading to work herself
  • Working Mum – smart suit and heading to work as above
  • Glam Mum – not a hair out of place, a full face of makeup and a dedicated follower of fashion
  • Yummy Mummy – looks effortlessly gorgeous with no effort
  • Slummy Mummy – puts on whatever is to hand, throws a brush through her hair – I think I fall into this bracket
  • No Idea what you were thinking Mummy – takes clothes blindly from the wardrobe with no care at all about what she looks like, camel toe and all!

With all these different types of mummy on the block, I have decided that I would like to progress from Slummy Mummy to Yummy Mummy whilst still being sensible.

I have my trusty waterproof jacket which is going nowhere, but it isn’t old and still looks good.

I desperately need new jeans, as I am still sporting my maternity ones 12 weeks on as I just cannot get into my old ones.  I do find find shopping for jeans a traumatic experience, so need some advice on where to search from you!

Then is the fun bit – new shoes.  I am big on comfort, can’t wear heels so my choices are fairly limited, but when searching various websites I came across these beauties on Bells Shoes and they have 20% off at the moment too!

Bells Shoes

As for tops, I am busy making my Pinterest Board at the moment – but one thing is clear…….It is going to take time and money that I don’t have!

Where do you fit in the school run stakes, or do you have a whole new look of your own?

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